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IMPORTANT Update | LucentCraft 2.0 is here! [Beta]

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by LadyHope, Jul 2, 2017.

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    A new dawn is upon us! Some of our major plugins have changed and we hope that they will provide you with plenty of things to do. Let's get right into some of the updates that are live and some that will be coming in the near future.

    I will give you a brief overview of the plugins here. You can find more in-depth guides in-game and also on the Guide section of our website (the website one is only completed for Kingdoms so far!)

    ***Log in from July 1st to July 4th and receive our welcome kit! It's nothing major, just a few keys. :3
    Kingdoms is our replacement plugin for Factions. It's a lot more in-depth, in my opinion, and has more to do. On our poll earlier this year it was about 50/50 between Factions and Kingdoms. If you guys don't enjoy Kingdoms and it's not something we can alter, we can always go back to Factions. ​

    You'll notice that you don't have any kind of "power" anymore like Factions did. Moreover everything to do with your Kingdom uses Resource Points (RP). RP can be earned by trading in items to your Kingdom's Nexus. Your Nexus can be placed on Kingdom land using /k nexus. ​

    Kingdoms are protected by a Champion. The Champion is an NPC mob that can be upgraded using the Nexus. The Champion spawns when other Kingdoms invade a land claim (/k invade) and will attempt to kill the invaders. If your Champion is killed, the invaders get that chunk of land (16x16 block of land).

    There are also various structures you can purchase through the Nexus to help better defend your Kingdom. ​

    If the invading Kingdom claims your Nexus land, they gain all of your Resource Points and any items you had stored in the Nexus. There's also protected chests in Kingdoms to protect your items from other members of YOUR Kingdom (but Kingdom leaders can access all Kingdom chests!). ​

    Another tier (IV) has been added to each Class! This tier is only accessible via trading in 100 Mastery Levels to your Class Master (in Spawn). You start earning Mastery Levels while Tier 3 of a Class. Mastery Levels are earned by killing mobs and other players. Once Dungeons are released, you'll earn increased Mastery Levels when completing Dungeons.

    Classes now have 'Caches' filled with items which are received upon ranking up. They contain various items and are relatively similar between Classes. Please note that Class Tier II+ Caches aren't fully completed and you'll receive a Kit Token for your class. Keep this token as you'll be able to redeem it in Spawn for class gear once we have the gear completed!

    We are using a new plugin for spells which relies more heavily on the use of a wand (stick) for casting spells. While you can still use /cast to cast spells, it's easier to use the wand. It has the same mechanics as our old wands (right-click to cycle through your spells, left-click to cast).

    Custom Drops
    YellowPlatypus has been working on our custom drop plugin since November! It's built upon the popular drops plugin MythicDrops. He's added many new items to the plugin and we still have many more to add.

    This adds a chance for tiered armour and tool drops from mobs. There's currently 5 different tiers:
    • common
    • uncommon
    • rare
    • legendary
    • mythic
    • ancient
    There's also Unique items which vary in strength. Not all mobs drop all tiers, and thus more challenging mobs have a chance to drop better tiers.

    In addition, you can add Enhancement Crystals to armour/tools that have empty (Socket)s. This adds special effects to your item which are applied when you hit a mob or player. Enhancement Crystals can be obtained from crates and some shops. In the future, you'll be able to trade Enhancement Shards (which will be a mob drop) for Dusty Crystals which grant a random Enhancement Crystal. ​

    You can also find unidentified items as a mob drop. You need to use an Identification Scroll (obtained from crates/shops) to identify the properties of the item.​

    The Socket Chisel can be used to add empty (Socket)s to items. Items have a maximum number of (Sockets) they may have which is dependent on their tier. ​

    More often than not you'll obtain items which have unsuitable enchantments (e.g. sharpness on shears). To remove it, you can use an Arcane Deconstructor to remove up to 3 unsuitable enchantments. If you need to remove more than 3, you can use another Arcane Deconstructor.​

    Planned items include the Arcane Reconstructor (randomizes enchantments on an item) and the Arcane Extractor (removes Enhancement Crystals from an item and destroys them).​

    Here are a few miscellaneous additions that I can remember:
    • /ticket feature ⟫ If you don't want to come to the forums, you can send staff members a /ticket with your bugs or concerns. If you're reporting something you saw, please still post on the forums along with screenshots!
    • More playershop plots
    • New spawn
    • New tutorial area
    • Updated to 1.12
    • New server list banners
    • Updated vote rewards (still not finished all of them though)
    • New and improved crates
    • Job money increased (we'll have to see how this balances out and adjust as necessary!)
    • Increased money and XP in donator ranks (new perks in donator ranks are soon to come)

    We had planned this to be part of our update, however MythicMobs hasn't updated to 1.12 yet for non-premium users and thus we're waiting for that. Dungeons also take a really long time to make because we custom make all of their abilities and drops. Speaking of which, you'll be able to obtain dungeon themed armour as rare drops from dungeon mobs. Dungeons will be unlocked once you hit Tier III of a Class.

    • VoteParty crate - will be granted to everyone online after reaching a certain number of votes
    • Concentrate - you'll be able to crush mythicdrops items you don't want into concentrate. This can then be used to craft better drops.
    • Trinkets - place in off hand for special effects
    • Bounty Hunter - I know we've been wanting this FOREVER, just haven't gotten around to it.
    • Art Painter - A fun plugin that allows you to create pixel art on item frames in Minecraft.
    • Upgrade Enhancement Crystals to next tier
    While we feel we added a ton (to be honest I've probably forgotten things! It's been a long few days), there's still plenty more we still need to do! Please keep in mind this is more of a beta, so we're expecting bugs!i

    Again for more information on all of this feel free to ask a Staff member (which we'll be adding more of soon! :D), consult the Guides on the website, or do /faq and /help in-game!

    For now, see you online! ^-^

    ~ LadyHope
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  2. The server is really great and all the new updates that still have to come. Im very excited
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  3. Hmm...This has seriously reignited my interest in the server. gear tiers, kingdoms, crystals...I'm very enticed o.o
  4. More stuff is still to come! But we'd love to see you on the server again!

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