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JANUARY NEWSLETTER | December Rankings & More!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by LadyHope, Jan 1, 2017.

    First off, happy new year! I hope you all had a wonderful new years. ^.^

    As always, thank you everyone who supports us. <3 We sincerely appreciate your votes as they help boost up our server on server lists - thus more players will join!
    1. Zzzzing - $2500, 25 McMMO credits and 1 Ascension Key (please contact staff to claim your key!)
    2. 3trippin - $2000 and 15 McMMO credits
    3. ApplePi33 - $1000 and 10 McMMO credits
    McMMo credits can be used with /redeem and the Ascension Key can be used at /warp vote on the Ascension Crate.
    Congratulations to the Top Factions of December! In the future, we hope to change Top Factions so that it isn't determined by money, but we'll let you know whenever we figure out what it will be. In the meantime, here is the Top Factions for December!
    1. Gryffindor
    2. Legion
    3. Sparrow
    Later today we will change the Top Hall to display the leaders of these Factions.
    UPDATE: Should be working as intended now! Thanks for your patience.
    We apologize for the huge pain that voting has been the last month! After waiting over a month for progress from the developer of the plugin, we decided to switch plugins as we were experiencing numerous issues with the last one. As such, there are new voting commands that I suggest you familiarize yourself with! (/votes info, /votes leaderboard weekly/monthly). The /vote and /reward commands are still the same. Please note that the 5th voting link (Planet Minecraft) is notorious for being offline some days, but we feel this is an important website to list our server on. If their site is down, make sure to check back later to try again!

    Voting parties are also a feature now. After every 100 server votes, a party will trigger and all players online at the time of the 100th vote will receive an extra vote key. Hopefully in the future we can make a special vote party box that players receive instead, however we haven't implemented all the items we would like to include in these boxes yet (e.g. custom items). *As noted in the December 31st changelog, milestone rewards have been administered for votes received prior to the new plugin. For any further votes, milestone rewards will be given automatically by the plugin!

    Ultimately, votes should be working fine now, so go nuts! ^.^​

    Another merchant has been added to /warp shop! They sell over 1500 decorative heads which can be placed in your home, playershops, worn on your head, etc! Depending on the category, the price differs. During specified events we will have exclusive heads that you can purchase too! (e.g. Tree Decoration Heads at Christmas time). It's a fun little feature that we really hope you guys enjoy. ^.^​

    During our maintenance about a week ago, we were mainly moving our files to a different server! This one has increased specifications, namely that it uses an SSD instead of an HDD (thus it will write files, load chunks, etc faster), and also that it is hosted in Buffalo instead of Montreal. Hopefully you have noticed some improvements in teleportation lag or server lag in general.

    Please note that if you experience lag, check your bars in the tablist as if your bars are low, it is likely your connection to the server that is causing your lag and not the server itself. If your bars are fine, then it's on our end! Things like lilypads hating you is from our AntiCheat plugin and not due to server specifications (e.g. a whole new issue in itself ;_; ).

    Thank you for your support as without it, we would not have been able to upgrade!​

    This will allow you to set a bounty on other players which can be collected when the player is killed.

    LordRyan is still working on the Jobs Rework, but hopefully it can be released later in January. He has been meticulously testing it to make sure that all Jobs are balanced as well reformulating the way XP and Money are gained. At this point he has almost rewritten the entire algorithm.

    Updates for classes (like custom attributes, kits, etc) are still in the works in addition to custom items, dungeons, and bosses. It's taking quite some time to complete, but hopefully you will enjoy it in the end! ^.^​
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  2. Almost all good news!

    Only 3 issues for u at this time. The TP-Lag is worse not better. As Immortal, I TP with no delay on the starting end - but the delay after I get somewhere can be as long as 10-12 secs, though usually less. It is NEVER instantaneous on arrival (especially at spawn), though it used to be better. Not sure which end of the tp process id rather have lag at - point im leaving or point im arriving - both have gotten me killed. Been reading on chat im not the only one experiencing this.

    Another is I've noticed items disappearing from the shulker boxes in echest. A dragon head here, a wither skull there. Usually it is stacked items being reduced to one item. Also, items secured on different days will often not stack - spawners & custom items r the worst. So I have a stack of 4 ornaments in one slot & 5 in another (same item) with no way to add a 5th to the first pile; or 13 spawners in one pile, but only one in another. Ive also had 2 incidents where entire shulker boxes vanished from my echest. I figured operator error on my part for the first one, but this second one was definitely there the day before. Its not the boxes I use the most, its the ones I dont. Could they be despawning in the echests? Other players have been complaining that items seem to be evaporating from secure storage as well. Cant speak to their specifics.

    Last issue is with enchantments. Last few days Ive been having trouble combining enchanted tools on an anvil. Sometimes they just wont give a result - blank box. Sometimes they appear to combine, but enchantments that shouldnt be dropped are - like fortune. Know there r limits to combining and some enchants will show up on fished gear but not survive the anvil. Thats not whats happening here. Also, what do I do with an enchantment book with no enchantment attached to it? Ive only got one, but noticed blank enchantment options on the enchantment table choices show up occasionally.

    Keep up the good work. Miss your presence on chat lately. Come back soon.

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  3. There is still block lagg

    i should not know if it can be fixed but if you activate superbreaker or that thing fot the shovle there are inv blocks
  4. This is actually quite common with McMMO and has been around since the plugins' initial release. At this point I would almost consider it to be more a feature than a bug with the plugin. The problem with the invisible blocks is he fact that they're client side (thus why re-logging fixes them). What's happening is the Minecraft Client and the Server are disagreeing with whether or not a block is there.
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  5. i already knew that but i thought maybe it could be fixed.

    But there is still block lagg without that just on the server when mining some blocks will been placed back

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