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IMPORTANT INFORMATION | What you need to know about Lucentcraft 2.0!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by LadyHope, Jun 25, 2017.


    We are aiming for Lucentcraft 2.0 to launch July 1st. The server will be down for a few hours July 1st!

    Let me begin by apologising for LordRyan and I’s absences. We understand YellowPlatyus has been doing an excellent job while we were gone. To be quite honest, I didn’t expect anyone to stick around while we were gone, but we greatly appreciate that some of you have.

    We have a ton of huge updates and new features coming soon, but we wanted to formally let you know ahead of time a couple of things so that you can prepare.


    As many of you may know we are indeed doing a reset. Why, you ask? So many of our existing features are being upgraded, changed, or just removed and thus keeping the existing data wouldn’t work, and so we need to do a reset.

    Resets are and will not be a regular occurrence on our server. While some other servers do resets quite frequently, we feel it would demotivate players as all their hard work would be wiped every so often.

    We understand that players essentially want to keep all of their current data, such as money, all types of inventories, jobs, mcmmo, etc, but I think keeping everything defeats the purpose of a reset.

    It’s not easy for us to decide what to keep and what not to keep because of how hard you have all worked and we know this.

    Nevertheless, here’s what you will be keeping:

    • McMMO levels – no major changes to McMMO, so no reason to reset these levels.
    • Donator perks – anything included in your donator perks (e.g. money) will be granted to you again once we reset. Please give us some time to do this as everything needs to be re-granted.
    • Some Items – We will be granting all players access to a 3 row temporary player vault for you to store important items in. Use /PV 1 to access. If you are a donator with more than 3 rows, only the TOP 3 ROWS will transfer. These player vaults will be removed 1 week after Lucentcraft 2.0 launches if you don't currently have access to a 3 row player vault. SHULKER BOXES IN PLAYERVAULTS WILL NOT TRANSFER. So PLEASE do NOT fill it with shulker boxes or they’ll be lost! I Since you only have limited space, it’s important to seriously think about what items to bring with you. Keep in mind that we’re adding custom drops and custom items, so it’s likely that your best gear on Lucentcraft 1.0 isn’t going to be the best gear in Lucentcraft 2.0. Items I strongly recommend bringing include exclusive event items (these items won’t be obtainable again!), helpful starting materials, etc.
    What will not be kept and an explanation as to why it’s being reset:
    • Jobs – LordRyan was working on a Jobs overhaul for quite some time. We hope that the new jobs will be more balanced, provide more money than previously, and there will be job stores that you can purchase special items with points you accumulate by doing your jobs.
    • Factions – Since we are moving to Kingdoms, which is basically Factions but a different plugin with more features, there will be no Faction information moved. You’ll need to re-create a Kingdom!
    • Money – I know so many of you worked incredibly hard for your balances. But the economy in Lucentcraft 2.0 won’t be the same. We’re hoping money will be easier for you to make with the job update. In addition, crate money rewards have been increased generously.
    • Classes – There are quite a few changes to classes, such as another tier after tier 3 (though not purchased with money), kits, new + different spells (we’ve changed spell plugins since the one we were using was so outdated and no longer maintained). As such, we’ll be resetting your class.


    I know we’ve been wanting new staff members for a very long time. Once everything is settled after the update, we will absolutely be recruiting staff members to help us out. <3


    Once we’ve updated, we will be re-posting our server on server websites along with a new banner in hopes to attract new players. A lot of our server will be changing, so we feel it’s necessary to remove our old posts and post a new one for Lucentcraft 2.0.

    MINECRAFT 1.12

    Obviously Minecraft updated to 1.12, which further delayed our update. None-the-less, the update will be for Minecraft 1.12. We will not keep compatibility for older versions of Minecraft since it causes issues with some items.

    Once we release, I’ll be making an official announcement detailing all of the new features, along with some that aren’t quite ready yet for launch but will be coming in the near future.

    I'm currently working on feature guides which you will be able to access via the Guides button on our website. These should be ready for launch!

    Thank you again for your patience with us.

    ~ LadyHope
  2. Finally! Super excited for the update!
  3. Glad to hear! Thank you for waiting for-actually-ever. ^.^'

    Still rushing to finish up a few things, but I'm excited too!
  4. Im very happy this is finally happening. Most of the time on the server is spent running in circles at spawn xD im kinda sad all the money will be gone but i can always get it. And now i will have tons of stuff to do.
  5. great news
  6. will the items in the pshop get removed to?
  7. Yes those will be cleared as well. If you'd like to bring some of those items with you ensure to remove them from your shop and place them in /pv 1!
  8. A few questions:

    1) many of us never got awarded pv rows, number of jobs and sethomes we earned during ur "hiatus" - will we get them post reset?

    2) if the spell and class plugins are going to change - will that make the shapeshifter donor rank obsolete? If so, what recompense will be offers in exchange for it?

    3) how many new job categories will there be and what are they?

    4) could u provide some more info regarding the economic structure post reset to aid us in choosing what to move with us?

    5) how will spells be powered? will it still be thru redstone - or something else?

    6) will all the donor perks have analogs in the kingdoms format - or will some of them cease to work or be retired? which ones?

    7) many of the old donor perks dont work well (or at all) in Factions. Will they work in Kingdoms?

    8) will there be new donor perks?

    9) i understand the phops inventories will not reset - but will the pshops themselves reset? how will they be structured after the reset?

    10) What are the new spells and classes?
  9. can you guys release at 30 of june every information for the people that are active to swiitch stuff out for others that is needed or atleast something about kingdoms
  10. Is there anyway you might be able to extend the player vault reset day to the 17th? I might be going for vacation July 1st-17, so I will likely be unable to get online unless we leave a few days later.
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    According to you, the purpose of the RESET is to update and upgrade features on the server. I strongly DISAGREE that allowing players to keep their inventories, etc would defeat the purpose of the reset.

    I do, however, agree it will DEMOTIVATE players to have their hard work wiped out in a reset. Let's review what this Reset is going to do:

    1) Though you've left McMMO levels intact, you've taken away the best parts of the McMMO max levels rendering many of them all but useless.

    2) The benefit of all the hours of grinding away at jobs is being stripped from players by resetting money and job levels to "0".

    3) Classes take a lot of time and persistence to accumulate, but the advantages people have earned there are also being wiped out.

    4) The Pshop structure is also changing, at least according to Yellow Platypus. That will mean loosing inventories of salable goods and shop selling capacity. According to my inventory valuation that is a loss of $20 million in assets as well as $200,000 of investment in the actual shop slots - just for me.

    5) It will take you awhile to re-grant donor perks and other individually granted game rewards, making those real money investments useless for an indeterminate amount of time. That wouldn't be an issue, but many veteran players have been waiting for over 6 months for the granting of game rewards.

    All that is left is inventory. Veteran players are being given the same limited space as newbs; donors the same number of PV-1 rows as people who have not invested money to support the server or pay for PV rows. That is monumentally unfair. After all, the purpose of this reset is not to level the playing field. It is to upgrade and update server features.

    Given that set of circumstances, I PROPOSE YOU ALLOW ALL PLAYERS TO FILL THE 3 PV-1 ROWS WITH SHULKERS. Veteran players with more resources will be able to bring forward some, but by no means all, or in some cases even a fraction, of the wealth they have accumulated in the 9 months the server has existed. Newer players with fewer assets will be able to get a jump start on gathering building materials and resources to offset the experience, mcmmo levels, inventories and donor perks of veterans.
  12. Sure I can try and have the website Guides up for June 30th. The guides won't have all of the information regarding changes, but it will have detailed information about Kingdoms and the other major plugins.

    Sure we should be able to extend it until the 17th. Otherwise I'll make sure we don't clear yours until you get back! We just want to make sure people get them cleared out before we take away the permission for people to use them if they don't already have the permission from donator ranks.

    I also stated that resets are to get rid of irrelevant data. This includes items that were illegitimately obtained (e.g. xray), items obtained from any exploits, etc. Since we weren't there to monitor for these activities, an error on our part, we'd rather ensure that a majority of the items people have are legitimate. This is especially important as Kingdom Resource Points (what you use to upgrade all aspects of your Kingdom) are gained through trading in items to your Kingdom's Nexus. If players bring over tons and tons of items that may or may not have been obtained legitimately, they could essentially max their Kingdom right away.

    Can you specify what McMMO max level perks we don't have that you would like? I don't think we've changed much about McMMO from default.

    Once again, the Job plugin has been re-worked and it wouldn't make sense for us to keep old player data files. In the reworked plugin, you will accumulate money faster and there are shops with special items you can purchase. If we kept max level in jobs players wouldn't get a chance to experience the updates for Jobs.

    Similarly, classes have been altered and they now offer kits, as well as different spells. If everyone kept their current classes, they would not get their kits (because they're granted when you rank-up). In terms of ranking up in classes, it should be easier to rank up since money will not be as hard to obtain.

    Donator perks can be automatically re-granted by BuyCraft. It's not something we have to do manually. When I say it may take some time it's because the program has to go through everyone and grant all the perks. ;p Donators should have their perks when we re-launch.

    Ultimately, I gather that players are upset that they can't bring all of their items and money to LucentCraft 2.0 (it's completely reasonable to be upset) and that there is not a difference in item transfer capacity between donators and non-donators. We're doing this to try and have a fresh economy to start off with. I know it's incredibly frustrating and upsetting to lose your hard work. While we are server owners, we're players too and I always hated resets as well. Please know that you are in our best interest and we aren't just doing this for no reason. Shulker boxes expand the amount of items you could bring to vast amounts (e.g. to 729 stacks of items vs. 27 stacks!) and we don't want everyone bringing over all of their old items to LucentCraft 2.0.
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  13. Can we atleast have 1-2 shulker boxes in our pv or increase the space in our pv? If it's not too much to ask.
  14. I know many players would like this, but I've got to stick to what I've already mentioned numerous times and that's that we aren't allowing any shulkers in the player vaults. Even if it's just 1 that's another 27 stacks of items you could bring, essentially doubling what we're allowing. D:
  15. One of the things u mentioned in ur original blurb re reset was to use the slots granted in the PV rows to take forward custom items, becuz they would not b available again. A casual survey of regular players is that other than xmas gear and possibly xmas stars no one is wasting space on those types of items. There just arent enough slots to justify keeping them. I second ASA-Cheat's request that a shulker or two be allowed to accomodate a greater diversity of stuff to be ported forward.
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    It would take 200 pv shulker slots for me to even get close to moving my accumulated wealth to the new format. Im just trying to salvage my diamonds, emeralds and rare items along with 2 sets of gear and xmas items. That is not an unreasonable request. I am willing to allow other players to load up on items that will improve bulking up their Nexus. Seems like a win-win. I get to keep the items I value, and they get a jump start on feeding their Nexus. Honestly, they r gonna need those resources to overcome the work ethic of ApplePi33, Nini, 580volts and me.
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    Which would be fairer than the current setup. Because much of the stuff we want to transport is rare. It kills to have to choose between 1 spawner or 10 creeper eggs or a stack of diamond blocks. If u wont allow any shulkers, would u at least expand the PV rows? Another two rows and veteran players would be eternally grateful. It will also give newbs additional slots to give them advantages on reset.
  18. Will Vote keys transfer to reset?
  19. will the whole vote reset
  20. Will the old vote tallies to date transfer? or will they be reset to 0?
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