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FEBRUARY NEWSLETTER | January Rankings & More!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by LadyHope, Feb 5, 2017.


    My apologies for the delay on the newsletter. Thank you for your continued support and patience! <3

    Thank you again for those of you who have been understanding while we continue to work on voting! Thank you as always for your support.
    1. zzzzing - $2500, 25 McMMO credits and 1 Ascension Key (please contact staff to claim your key!)
    2. potatored - $2000 and 15 McMMO credits
    3. CloudBanshee - $1000 and 10 McMMO credits
    McMMo credits can be used with /redeem and the Ascension Key can be used at /warp vote on the Ascension Crate.
    Congratulations to the Top Factions of January! Keep up the great work!
    1. LegionOfAmarout
    2. Sparrow
    3. Gryffindor
    Later today we will change the Top Hall to display the leaders of these Factions.
    We will now be performing scheduled maintenance every week on Sundays between 11pm and midnight EST. This will allow us to perform any small updates needed! As usual, we may still experience unscheduled maintenance during the week, but will give you notice ahead of time if this is needed.

    Throughout February, we will be collecting player submitted screenshots from around LucentCraft to use as the top banner of the website for the following month! You can take a screenshot by pressing F2 in game by default and if you're not sure where to find the screenshots on your computer, follow the instructions here: You can find the thread to submit images here:
    As you may have noticed, we missed our donator event for January even though we reached our goal! :eek: To make up for it, we will be combining this with a valentine's day event and this post will be updated once all the details of the event are confirmed. Thank you as always for your patience!​

    • By player request, we will be adding llama eggs to the egg merchant as they can be difficult to find in the world.
    • Removing back button from shops so players must actually visit the individual shops. It also further justifies having shop plots at different prices depending on whether they are upstairs or downstairs.
    • Our custom items, dungeons, etc update is still in the works!
    We're looking into a lot of recurring bugs (e.g. shulker boxes), but as they are recurring it may take some time to sort them out. We will keep you posted on any progress we make!​
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  2. Does the back button for phops apply to donor levels with virtual access to them, or will that perk be disappearing?
  3. Have there been any updates as to what the event is and when it will be?

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