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Class Updates
[size=small]Hello! As per request of some players, we have made a few balance changes in regards to class spells. The only class that did not receive any modification was Dwarf since we feel this class is performing well.[/size]
[size=small]If you would like to know what these spells do, you can do /cast help spellname in-chat or visit the Spells Wiki here on the forums.[/size]
[size=small]Adept Class[/size]
[size=small][size=small]Magus: Lightning [/size][/size]...
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Hello everyone!

I just wanted to thank you for all the amazing support we've received during the first month of launch. Within less than a week of being public, you have already helped us reach our October monthly donation goal which goes towards server costs and improvements.

Even if you didn't donate, by voting or even just playing you're helping to support the server!

As a token of our extreme appreciation, we will be hosting a server-wide event that will be scheduled for sometime during the remainder of October.

I will post another announcement once we decide the details of the event and the date and time. Feel free to comment posting what times and days work best for you!
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Hello and Welcome to LucentCraft!

We are a brand new Factions server, with a few extra plugins to help make us a bit more unique.

You can select a class that gives you unique spells and McMMO stats. As you progress through your class ladder by purchasing rank-ups with in-game money, you learn additional spells and the final rank of your class has access to all McMMO sklls.

We also have jobs that allow you to level up in your job and earn money! In addition, we have a spawn shop where you can purchase useful items, as well as a spawn player-market where you can purchase a shop plot to sell your goods.

Enjoy custom built PvP arenas where you can 1v1 or battle team vs. team. We have a "Top Hall" where the top 3 players are displayed and these are updated monthly. 

Work towards becoming the Top Faction and gain valuable allies to conquer your enemies. 

In addition, we will utilize community feedback to implement new features...