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☾ Quick Fixes ☽ 

  • /f home time is now 3 seconds
  • Updated /help menus
  • Updated holograms to match server colours and reflect most current commands

☾ Voting Updates ☽ 

I have installed a new voting plugin. However, I am still in the process of moving all the votes to the new plugin. So please be patient if your current vote total is not reflective of your votes! 

In addition, we have added most voting milestone rewards and I will be administering these manually once I have transferred all the votes. 

Daily Vote Rewards: These may now include a range of money values, diamonds, XP/Jobs money boosts, double money rewards, and a very very small chance of enchanted golden apples. 

Every 5 votes: You will still receive a Vote Key, however there is a very very small chance of receiving an Ascension Key instead which has much better...
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[size=x-large]☾ Small Quality of Life Improvements ☽ [/size]​
Just a few small updates before we move on to the larger ones! 

We wanted to make it easier for players to determine what class you are while in a fight. As such, players will now have a specific icon shown next to their nametag in-game as well as in the tab list.  

The icons displayed correspond to the icons in Class names in the /classes menu, which I will discuss now! 

[size=x-large]☾ Class...
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Hello everyone! Just a few quick updates we'd like to discuss with you for the upcoming month of November!

Donations Update
[size=small]Due to a kind individual, we have already reached our November monthly donation goal! This means we get to start planning our monthly event for the server. As you may or may not know, last month's was double XP all day, random loot chests in the WarZone near spawn, and boss fights. If you have any ideas for the event for November, please post them here! [/size]

[size=small][size=large]Player Shops Update[/size][/size]
[size=small][size=large]EDIT: New Shops are now Implemented! Please review the Player Shops Wiki here on the forums and /help 5 and /help 6 in-game[/size][/size]...