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After requests from many players, we have decided to add an anti-combat log plugin. When you attack another player, both players will be tagged as in combat. You will receive a notification in chat stating that you are in combat and your character will glow.

You will no longer be tagged after 30 seconds of no player combat.

Certain commands are disabled while in PvP now, such as teleport commands. If you find a command that is disabled that you think should be enabled while in PvP, please let us know as we have to add allowed commands manually.

If you log out while tagged, you will be killed and your items, armour, and XP will...​
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Hello everyone.

We have added support for Minecraft 1.11 by updating many of our plugins. Thank you to YellowPlatypus who updated some of the plugins that the developers have not yet provided 1.11 compatibility. 

In addition, we now provide support and compatibility for Minecraft versions dating back to 1.8! This means that anyone playing Minecraft 1.8+ will be able to join our server. 

In terms of the new features of Minecraft 1.11, you will not be able to access them at this time unless you explore unloaded map chunks. In the future, we may decide to extend the world border so that you have more chunks to load to experience 1.11 map features. I believe there were quite a few changes to the End as well, so in the future we could consider resetting the End. Again, nothing is certain as of yet other than we are now compatible with Minecraft 1.11!

Other Changes
  • Vtop is incorrect and please ignore it until further notice. Use /v info to check...
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Hello and welcome!

Thank you to everyone, as usual, for your continued support. In addition, thank you for being patient with us while we are working on huge updates. 

Top Voters
  1. Zzzzing $2500 and 25 McMMO credits
  2. Meganr2002 $2000 and 15 McMMO credits
  3. YellowPlatypus $1000 and 10 McMMO credits
You can do /redeem in game to use the credits. They will give you a level in the selected McMMO skill.

I have manually administered these rewards. Normally they will be given automatically, however our stored top voters for this month were messed up since I had to add all the previous month's votes as well. Next month, this will not be an issue and it will be automatic!

I will edit this post with Top Factions later today when I can contact LordRyan since it was brought to my attention that Legion's balance is now $0. I can confirm that this money was not spent and it is likely an issue we need to fix. We...