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  1. Drakmor
    Apple said i'm a slice the last slice of pizza. Everybody wants me I feel special
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  2. SquidTheJim
    My name... It is not Jim.
  3. Sapphire
    Haven't been on forums forever lol. Oh well. Haven't played much due to my job soooo...yeah. I'll try to play more often though :)
  4. Creativity_Time
    Almost Valentines day... I feel bad about some people who don't have a date :( ... Sorry.
  5. Creativity_Time
    That plan... miserably failed to start conversations on forums...
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    1. ApplePi33
      Indeed it did
      Feb 7, 2018
  6. Creativity_Time
    Kinda wanted to make several forum posts, to hopefully spark something on forums. Some convo's and just kinda bring forums back to life.
  7. Creativity_Time
    Decided to get a profile picture.
  8. Creativity_Time
    I'm a crazy kid, but a crazy smart kid. Quite charming, but charming to the mind. Opinionated, but arguable opinions.
  9. DukMastaaa
    Waddling in my pond.
  10. Lord__Ryan
    Working on back end stuff lately going to have to take a small break, as a close family member will soon pass. Sorry for taking this time.
    1. zzzzing
      Sorry to hear of your impending loss. Take the time you need. The server will survive.
      Oct 6, 2017
    2. ApplePi33
      Sorry to hear that. I understand you need a break.
      Oct 6, 2017
  11. ApplePi33
  12. Raven's End
    Raven's End
    Feeling good all things considered, Hatred for both sparks and Cat is rising however...
  13. ScottishBean
  14. ApplePi33
    Being banned is boring af...
  15. Aulora
    Who needs to art when you can just recycle old pictures?
  16. 580volts (real)
    580volts (real)
    not sure what this is or how to use it :)
  17. LadyHope
    LordRyan and I are on vacation until July 30th! Contact us via the forums if you need assistance.
  18. FrankieT_193
    Life honestly couldn't be better!
  19. Ninielsen
    Ninielsen Meganr2002
    Happy birthday Megan!
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    1. Meganr2002
      Omg I didn't see this until now. I usually don't check forums which I should get into the habit of doing it. But thanks though! xD Wow today is the 28th so 11 days later
      Jul 28, 2017
  20. KhioneCrest
    Hating Life C:
    1. _Catza_
      why do you hate life
      Jul 13, 2017