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  1. Twilight
    Feels like weight off my shoulders with nef being banned, it's great having him gone! Thanks plat.
  2. ApplePi33
    Nefs finally banned. Feels great that hes not on the server anymore
  3. ScottishBean
  4. ApplePi33
    Being banned is boring af...
  5. Aulora
    Who needs to art when you can just recycle old pictures?
  6. Twilight
    Bored, the server is 'down' at the moment
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    2. Twilight
      rip, been down for about 5 hours now
      Aug 7, 2017
    3. Lord__Ryan
      Sorry about that, I was out running errands when the server went down.
      Aug 7, 2017
    4. Twilight
      That's completely fine Ryan, errands are way more important! xD
      Aug 7, 2017
  7. 580volts (real)
    580volts (real)
    not sure what this is or how to use it :)
  8. LadyHope
    LordRyan and I are on vacation until July 30th! Contact us via the forums if you need assistance.
  9. FrankieT_193
    Life honestly couldn't be better!
  10. Ninielsen
    Ninielsen Meganr2002
    Happy birthday Megan!
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    1. Meganr2002
      Omg I didn't see this until now. I usually don't check forums which I should get into the habit of doing it. But thanks though! xD Wow today is the 28th so 11 days later
      Jul 28, 2017
  11. KhioneCrest
    Hating Life C:
    1. _Catza_
      why do you hate life
      Jul 13, 2017
  12. KappaPoro
    SimpleButGood TOP 5
  13. KappaPoro
    How you doing???
  14. KappaPoro
    KappaPoro LadyHope
    Hello Hope. May I ask when will players be whitelisted?
    1. LadyHope
      Hello! I really don't have a great time estimate at the moment, but you don't have to worry about being whitelisted because the whitelist will be removed once we're ready.
      Jul 2, 2017
  15. Ninielsen
    Ninielsen LadyHope
    Hello Hope. Is there a chance that we can talk about some stuff? When you're free of course
    1. LadyHope
      Sure send me a private message here! I'm busy working away on things but I can respond in between. :3
      Jun 25, 2017
  16. _Catza_
    _Catza_ DONUTBLOCK
    hey DONUTBLOCK how you doing
  17. Ninielsen
    Ninielsen YellowPlatypus
    Can you get on sometime soon? I need to discuss some things with you when we're both on
  18. LadyHope
    My apologies for my absence. We will be back full force once we're done tirelessly working away at the new updates. D:
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  19. Ninielsen
    Ninielsen YellowPlatypus
    Yellow is it possible for you to protect a space of land so players cant destroy it? I would like to build stuff that the server can come to look at and have fun with other players around, but I don't want to run the risk of it getting destroyed soon after it being built.
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    2. ApplePi33
      Map reset? Does that mean all our mcmmo and money will get felted too? Or the stuff we have in ender chests and player vaults because I keep the event special items in there too.
      May 20, 2017
    3. YellowPlatypus
      At this point we aren't 100% certain what stays and what goes, event items are something we hadn't thought about though so thanks for bringing that up. Money I don't know about, but I'm 99% certain mcmmo levels are safe. Definitely all donators will keep their donator perks, so they'll still have the same player vaults but I don't know whether or not their contents might be reset.
      May 20, 2017
    4. YellowPlatypus
      Ideally there'll be a newsletter going out sometime soon, if not then I'll probably just leak the odd detail here or there and address any concerns people have.
      May 20, 2017
  20. bombergal
    bombergal YellowPlatypus
    So.... I got another spawner, this time a Blaze =D Same problem ^^; If you wouldn't mind, sometime, coming by and fixing it, that would be wonderful, but don't feel rushed 'cause I am already enjoying the other one =D Thanks again!!
    1. YellowPlatypus
      Fixed it :D
      May 16, 2017
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    2. bombergal
      AAAA Thanks so much!!! That was so quick =D You are awesome!! THANKKKSSSSS
      May 16, 2017