Interested in joining a unique Factions server?

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Our beta is now live!
If you submitted a beta form you should be able to join at

If you haven't signed up and you'd still like to participate, feel free to leave your in-game name here and I'll whitelist you.

Please PM me for the Discord invite link.
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As you know, most of our staff has been away for quite some time now. Since this past November, we've been working on a large LucentCraft overhaul. While working on this update is the main reason for my absence, I also left as I was feeling unappreciated and felt like my decisions were not respected by players. Regardless, I didn't expect anyone to stick around given the lack of active staff and kept the server up so those who wanted to still play could do so. To my surprise, some of you have stuck around, and for that I'm grateful and I apologise for abandoning you while working on this update.

The overhaul was sparked by my dislike of some of the types of players raiding servers attract. When we decided to create a server, my main goal was to create a friendly community where everyone can feel welcome, safe, and have a good time. After observing some of the players in the community for a while, I decided raiding and hardcore PvP wasn't fitting with this objective and...
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Greetings, everyone! ^-^

LordRyan and I will be away on vacation until July 30th. We will still have access to the forums and some in-game ​
management, but our WiFi access will be limited. >.<

We leave tomorrow (July 23rd) early in the morning and I will be packing and finishing up a few things people have ​
reported before I leave.

Our Summer Games Event will be starting on August 1st and will be active for the duration of August. Official event ​
details will be posted when we get back! :D Get hyppeeed.

I've also been going through all of our plugins and their messages in attempts to unify their appearance/format and fix ​
any typos they may have. That will be finished and live August 1st as well. We haven't forgotten about vote milestone rewards and updates to donator ranks either. We'll be working on those once we've got the event up and running.

In the...​